Home Based Program and Telehealth

We develop an individualized program tailored to meet each child’s specific needs. We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) (often with an emphasis on the verbal behavior model) and use different tools to assess skill strengths and deficits to guide program development. Data is taken before and throughout therapy. Therapy practices are frequently revised to ensure continued progress.

We focus on the following:

  • Communication skills: We target communication to decrease problem behaviors. We address increasing functional communication skills to allow for the child to flourish in their natural environment, be able to request for items they want, and access all of their needs through communication.
  • Social Skills Groups: From play groups to simple eye contact exercises, we help to facilitate and cultivate positive peer interaction.
  • Play Skills/Leisure Skills: Our ABA programs can promote and target appropriate play skills while diminishing problem behaviors. We address teaching appropriate play skills, increasing the time engaging in leisure skills, and support expanding the repertoire of play for each child.
  • Life Skills: We incorporate incidental teaching into our ABA programs. In addition, we create task schedules to support everyday life skills.
  • Cooperation Skills: We focus on increasing cooperation skills by tracking and analyzing behavior data to decease problem behavior, implementing exercises to address the skill of transitioning, and working on follow through with requests.
  • Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADLs):
    • Toilet Training: Our toilet training programs uses an evidence- based, behavior analytic approach to teach your child how to succeed in toilet training using positive reinforcement. We can target both requesting to use the bathroom, void in the toilet, and bowel movements.
    • Feeding Therapy/ Eating Skills: Sensory issues can cause eating habits to be rigid. We work on trying new foods, increasing healthy foods, desensitizing food aversions, etc.
  • Social Emotional Skills: We help clients identify emotions, label, and regulate their emotions/actions and teach coping mechanisms using the principles of ABA.

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