Home Based Program

We develop an individualized program tailored to meet each child’s specific needs. We use the principles of ABA (often with an emphasis on the verbal behavior model) and use different tools to assess skill strengths and deficits and guide program development. Data is taken before and throughout therapy. Therapy practices are frequently revised to ensure continued progress. Skills are taught systematically to ensure effective translation in the child’s natural environment.

We focus on the following:

  • Communication skills: We target communication to decrease problem behaviors.
  • Peer Interaction: From social skills, play groups to simple eye contact exercises, we help to facilitate and cultivate positive peer interaction.
  • Play Skills/Leisure Skills: Our ABA programs can promote and target appropriate play skills while diminishing problem behaviors.
  • Functional Living/ Life Skills: We incorporate incidental teaching into programs in addition to creating task schedules for everyday life skills.
  • Cooperation Skills: We track behavior data to decrease problem behaviors and implement transitions building exercises into programs.
  • ADL Skills:
    • Toilet Training: Our toilet training program uses an evidence- based, behavior analytic approach to teach your child how to succeed in toilet training using positive reinforcement.
    • Feeding Therapy/ Eating Skills: Sensory issues can cause eating habits to be rigid. We work to decrease food aversions.

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