Home Based Program and Telehealth

We develop an individualized program tailored to meet each child’s specific needs. We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), often with an emphasis on the verbal behavior model and use different tools to assess skill strengths and deficits to guide program development. Baseline data is taken before intervention begins, and data is taken throughout treatment. Therapy practices are frequently revised to ensure continued progress.

We focus on the following:

  • Communication Skills/Language: We address increasing functional communication skills to decrease problem behavior and increase language. This allows for the child to flourish in their natural environment, be able to request for items they want, and access all of their needs through communication. We increase overall expressive and receptive language using tacting (labelling), manding (manding), intraverbals (fill ins or answering questions), and other areas.
  • Social Skills Groups: We help to facilitate and cultivate positive peer interaction through a variety of methods including turn taking, sharing, joint attention, and communication. We target social skills in 1:1 ABA sessions, with play dates, and in social skills groups hosted in our clinic space or via telehealth.
  • Play Skills/Leisure Skills: Our ABA programs can promote and target appropriate play skills while decreasing problem behaviors. We address teaching appropriate play skills, increasing engagement in leisure skills, and expanding each child’s play interest.
  • Coping Skills/ Social Emotional Skills: Our agency helps clients increase their coping skills by working to increase attending, increase and vary transitioning, and improve their compliance to developmentally appropriate levels. Independence is targeted by teaching executive functioning skills. We help clients identify emotions by labelling other’s emotions as well as their own emotions. In addition, we help clients to regulate their emotions/actions by teaching coping mechanisms using the principles of ABA.
  • Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADLs): We target different skill areas including toilet training, feeding/ food preferences, chores, dressing, tooth brushing, and a variety of other areas.
  • Community/ Safety: We target different skill areas including safety integrating into the community, participating in community activities, and generalizing skills into the community. Safety skills are targeted through direct instructions such as understanding the difference between safe and dangerous, boundaries, stranger danger, and following safety directions (e.g., stop and come here).

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